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Using Arcade Classics
Add or Remove Game from Favorites
Downloading More Games

Using Arcade Classics

    After starting the program a drop-down list is above the picture of game. From this list choose the name of a game.

    The center picture will change to a picture of the game you have chosen. To start the game just click on the picture, and be patient. The game will start in a new window. When starting the game you will sometimes be asked to type "OK", or "Press any key", or both. After the game loads you must put credits on the game by pressing "5". Each time you press it, you will get another credit. To start a game with 1 player press "1".

    By clicking "Information" button below the picture a window will show with information on the game showing. By clicking the picture the game will start. See picture below.

Default Controls:

    These games you can change the control keys for just one game or change keys for all of them. The default keys set are as follows.

Put Credits in Game = 5
Player 1 Start = 1
Exit Game = ESC
Pause Game = P
Volume = ~
Left = Left Arrow
Right = Right Arrow
Up = Up Arrow
Down = Down Arrow
Button 1 = V
Button 2 = C
Button 3 = X
Button 4 = Z
Button 5 = F
Button 6 = D
Button 7 = S
Button 8 = A

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Changing Controls

    You can change any of the keys, to each game. Once the game loads press "TAB". A small screen will appear. Scroll down with arrows to "INPUT (GENERAL will change most games) (THIS GAME will only change the one game.)" and press "Enter". Keep focus on the control and press ENTER again and you can assign more than one key to the control. This comes in handy when you use a controller as well.

    Another screen will appear showing all the game controls. (pic. 2) By scrolling down with arrows you can change controls by pressing "ENTER" key on desired target, and then press desired target key for the control. USB controllers work well with this software, but they do have to be programed. The mouse is working now so I put Centipede on here too. Games like Defender will have more controls, and you can review, or the keys the same way.

    You must not have one key used for more than 1 different control, as it may not work. To close the control window press "Tab" again.

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Add and remove a game from "Favorites"

    There are two buttons, on the left side of the screen, above the game list, "All Games" and "Favorites". This feature allows users to just see there favorite games, or all games. To add a game to "Favorites", click "Game" on the menu bar at the to left and click "Add to Favorites" or press "CTRL" + "A" to add the game to favorites. To remove a game from "Favorites", click "Game" on the menu bar at the to left and click "Remove from Favorites" or press "CTRL" + "R" to remove the game to favorites. See picture below.

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Download more games

    Click on "More Games" from the menu bar. Then click on "Arcade Classics Web Site" or you can click the "More Games" button at the bottom left of main screen. This web site has detailed instructions on downloading and this software will automatically find and install new games.

Trouble Shooting

If the game is not running correctly:

    If the game will not start then press and hold "ALT" and hit "ENTER". Press "F1" again and again and again, untill you see the game starter screen. This fix will usually work with those few systems that receive an error, and it will remember the setting and start correctly after that.

    Check the game controls. If there are two keys set for two different players the controls might not work. To set keys for game, Once the game loads and press "TAB". Scroll down with arrows to "INPUT (THIS GAME)" and press "Enter". Scroll down...By scrolling down with arrows you can change controls by pressing "ENTER", then press desired target key. Be sure not to set two functions on one key.

Reset the Game

    If the game is not running right then resetting the game might help. This will reload the configure system from the original files. Resetting the game will not effect the high scores stored on Arcade Classics. To reset the game, load game, press"Tab" then use the arrows to scroll down to "Reset Game". This function will usually fix the problem. Some of the games will not work right with some systems.

Screen Sideways

    I have seen this happen from time to time. This is not Arcade Classics software. This is your graphics driver allowing rotation. Change this by going to advance settings in your graphics driver and uncheck the box allowing rotation.


    Go to control panel, click on display, then click on the settings tab, now click advanced, there's a tab on the very top right across all the other tabs, mines says Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile; click on it then click on graphics properties, go to display settings, there's a section that is labeled "rotation" and now you just adjust it according to your situation. You can also uncheck the box that is labeled "enable rotation" so you will not find yourself in this situation again.

If you have any questions/comments you can email me at: [email protected]

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